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Monaco Considers Morocco’s Achraf Lazaar

Source : | 26 July 2015 |  Headlines | 290 views


Rabat – Monaco is said to be interested in signing Morocco’s Achraf Lazaar.

After signing AC Milan’s striker Stephan El Shaarawy on a season-long loan, Monaco is keen to add another player from the Calcio.

According to Italian sport website Le Corriere dello Sport, Monaco has set their sights on a summer swap for Palermo’s left-back Achraf Lazaar.

However, multiple reports suggested that such trade is unlikely, since Palermo will not let Lazaar go cheaply, especially because they would need to find a replacement.

The price tag of the 23-year-old is around €3million.

AchrafLazaar joined Palermo from Varese in the summer of 2014 and cemented his place in the side almost straight away.

Lazaar, who can also play on the left wing, made his debut for Morocco in May against Mozambique.

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